So happy…

May 26, 2007

chimp.jpg…that it’s the weekend. Though I have no special plans, I had such an insane work week last week. I’m very glad to have not only 2 but 3 days off because of Memorial Day weekend. Here’s a recap: Monday I ended up putting in 9 hours of work, Tuesday I put in 12 hours, Wednesday I had to re-edit an entire :30 TV spot because the client didn’t like how his daughter read the line, “Hey electrical contractors, we’ll strip your copper wire for free.” Thursday I had to get 3 TV spots out for the weekend, listen to my boss freak out about one of our clients and keep telling me that I have to get more TV spots done than I can handle. Friday I was mentally drained. I felt like a monkey chained to a desk. I honestly feared my boss was going to tell me that I had to come in an edit on Monday but some how I dodged that bullet. I hope everyone has a good weekend and enjoy the rest and relaxation that I will be enjoying.


Barenaked Tuesdays: Crazy

May 22, 2007

Here we are, Tuesday again and after the week I had last week, the weekend I had and how my week has already started, this song is a perfect song for Barenaked Tuesdays. Here’s one of Ed’s “Bathroom Sessions” of their song off the album Gordon called “Crazy.”

I am a Wreck

May 18, 2007

I wake up about 2 hours ago to let my dog out and I am hit with this horrible crick in my neck, probably from sleeping on that funny but the second pain is in my left knee. I’m not known for having bad knees or or anything like that, but for the life of me I can’t figure out why my knee hurts so bad. I hope that this isn’t one of those signs I am getting older.

Then vs. Than

May 15, 2007

So today I was made aware of a grammar error on one of my tv spots that went out yesterday. At first I was told it was spelling, which I know I checked, so the question was – what did I miss?

It was a four letter word that I had used in the spot “then.” Apparently, the narrator said it in this manner, “More savings then ever before.”  I when hearing it, listened over and over – and of course when I said it – it made sense to me to be then.  Apparently, both he and I was wrong. It is “than.” So from now now, I will be trying to remember this little saying:

“Than is used only in comparisons, so if you’re comparing something use than. If not, then you have to use then. What could be easier than that?”

Ironically, the person who brought the then mishap to our attention misspelled Mack’s name. 😉

Barenaked Tuesdays: Sound of Your Voice

May 15, 2007

Here’s another video from BNL from their CD “Barenaked Ladies Are Me.” You’ll probably recognize some of your favorite or not so favorite YouTubbers.