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Happy Hurricane Season

June 1, 2007

hurricane-ivan1.jpgApparently while I lost a season by moving down to Texas, winter, it was replaced with a new season Hurricane Season. From what I’ve been told by our company weather fanatic today is the kick-off of that season. So while I no longer have to worry about snow days, temperatures below freezing, salt trucks and slick ice, I now have to prepare a survival kit, have an escape route out of Houston, mind the flooding and high speed winds and dodging debris. it worth it?


Barenaked Tuesdays: Sound of Your Voice

May 15, 2007

Here’s another video from BNL from their CD “Barenaked Ladies Are Me.” You’ll probably recognize some of your favorite or not so favorite YouTubbers.

Little Tikes Stunt Crew

April 30, 2007

Since the NBA playoffs are going on, here’s a little somethin’-somethin’ for all you basketball fans.

Can you believe that I WORK with these guys?

tiny rant

April 24, 2007

At first I didn’t think I was gonna blog today, then on the way to lunch some idiot almost crashed into me in the parking garage.  Now, I never had this happen while using the parking garage at school, but I can’t tell you how many times I see people driving at top speeds and  FLYING around the turn. There is a reason they have a 5mp sign posted on every level of the garage, because you can’t see another person coming around the corner till you are 5 inches away from their front bumper. I don’t know why everyone in this building ignore the signs or feel they need to break the land speed record while looking for a parking spot. Kind of makes me wonder how many accidents there has been in our parking garage.