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Movie Review: Ocean’s 13

June 11, 2007

Yesterday my fiancé and I saw Ocean’s 13. First thing we discovered is nothing beats a Sunday afternoon matinée . As it being opening weekend for this film, there was hardly anyone in the theater which made viewing a lot more enjoyable. I foresee us doing this more often.

Okay, as for the movie, we both really enjoyed and it is worth seeing in the theaters. The cast was amazing and worked well off each other, there was plenty of humor and scheming though out the entire movie. In comparing them with the other two, this Ocean’s was more like the first. It was strange to hear how many people hated the 2nd Ocean’s movie, but Aaron and I both really liked the 2nd one too. It was nice to see the brilliant blend of characters from both the first two movies. I was glad that Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta Jones weren’t in the movie, since I’m really not huge fans of either of them. Matt Damon’s did an awesome job with his character Linus. He does a great job of showing how this character is trying to prove himself but people keep interfering. George Clooney and Brad Pitt were awesome as always. The only thing I wasn’t happy about was the role François Toulour, aka the Night Fox, had in the movie. I wanted and expected a little more from his character. Overall, I really enjoyed Ocean’s 13 so if you’re looking to see something this summer, go see this movie.