tiny rant

At first I didn’t think I was gonna blog today, then on the way to lunch some idiot almost crashed into me in the parking garage.  Now, I never had this happen while using the parking garage at school, but I can’t tell you how many times I see people driving at top speeds and  FLYING around the turn. There is a reason they have a 5mp sign posted on every level of the garage, because you can’t see another person coming around the corner till you are 5 inches away from their front bumper. I don’t know why everyone in this building ignore the signs or feel they need to break the land speed record while looking for a parking spot. Kind of makes me wonder how many accidents there has been in our parking garage.


One Response to “tiny rant”

  1. superman1224 Says:

    I feel ya. I remember those idiots at school flying around the corners. I think I almost took about 3 cars out the 4 years I was at CCS. You would think people would be more careful considering everyone can carry a gun in TX.

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