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Little Tikes Stunt Crew

April 30, 2007

Since the NBA playoffs are going on, here’s a little somethin’-somethin’ for all you basketball fans.

Can you believe that I WORK with these guys?


The Wedding

April 30, 2007

This weekend Aaron and I finally started registering at Macy’s and Bed, Bath & Beyond for our wedding. Thing went okay, we didn’t kill each other or really argue over much, but my question is: What is with guys and stainless steel? I swear, Aaron wanted every single thing for our kitchen in stainless steel. I don’t mind some things like but I know he doesn’t realize what a pain in the butt it is to keep that stuff clean. Sure they SAY it’s easy to clean, but in my opinion, stainless steel can lose it’s luster if you keep putting it in the dishwasher.

Another interesting tid-bit. After finalizing our wedding guest list, here is a list of all the states we will be sending invites to:

Michigan, Texas, Ohio, Washington, Colorado, California, Flordia, Oklahoma, D.C., Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, Arizona, Wisconsin and possible a few people in Canada and Spain.

Morning coffee

April 27, 2007

Yeah, the brown muddy stuff isn’t all that bad. I do have a cup every morning, but the coffee I’m talking about comes all the way from Detroit, MI. Yep.. my two favorite morning D.J.s, Drew and Mike. I’ve been listening to them since I was a senior in High School. When I went away to Grand Valley for college, I was bummed out because I wasn’t able to listen to them. Then it wasn’t until my Senior year at GV that radio on the internet was starting. At that time, I had to listen to them using Real Audio player and they could only have a certain amount of listeners. Once they maxed that, you were pretty much screwed.

Now we have streaming audio and I couldn’t be happier. Since I’ve moved to Texas, I listen to Drew and Mike every morning. My co-workers don’t care for them as much as I do, and they HATE Mike’s laugh (lol) but there are some bits that they find humorous in the show. Slowly I hope to convert them all.

tiny rant

April 24, 2007

At first I didn’t think I was gonna blog today, then on the way to lunch some idiot almost crashed into me in the parking garage.  Now, I never had this happen while using the parking garage at school, but I can’t tell you how many times I see people driving at top speeds and  FLYING around the turn. There is a reason they have a 5mp sign posted on every level of the garage, because you can’t see another person coming around the corner till you are 5 inches away from their front bumper. I don’t know why everyone in this building ignore the signs or feel they need to break the land speed record while looking for a parking spot. Kind of makes me wonder how many accidents there has been in our parking garage.

Testing 1-2-3

April 23, 2007

As I’m fiddling around on this blog site, trying to figure out how everything works…enjoy this video by my favorite band, Barenaked Ladies.