Barenaked Tuesdays: Get In Line

June 12, 2007

Good ‘ol Dale Gribble and Hank Hill.


Movie Review: Shrek The 3rd

June 11, 2007

Now I didn’t see 2 movies this weekend, but this review is past due. I didn’t see this film in the theater I used illegal means of watching it – though feeling guilty at first after watching it I was glad I didn’t see it in the theater. The movie was okay but it’s something I could have waited till DVD. When Shrek first came out, I didn’t think it would be as good as anything Pixar could do and I didn’t see it until it came out on DVD. I was wrong. I really enjoyed the first one so when Shrek 2 came out I was excited to see it in the theaters.

Shrek 3 on the other hand, I could say it follows the “Austin Powers” formula. First one is gread, 2nd one is even better, 3rd is nothing more of recycled jokes and scenes from the first two. I was really disappointed by that. You can easily spot the similarities too it wasn’t like they tried to hide them or made them funnier. My favorite character from the Shrek movies has been Puss and I was really bummed out to see how much he became a back-burner character. In the 2nd Shrek he competed for the spotlight with Donkey. In the 3rd he was almost like Donkey’s sidekick.

Bascially, if you have kids who are dying to see Shrek 3, they will probably enjoy it, but if you can wait a few months for it to come out on DVD, I would.



Movie Review: Ocean’s 13

June 11, 2007

Yesterday my fiancé and I saw Ocean’s 13. First thing we discovered is nothing beats a Sunday afternoon matinée . As it being opening weekend for this film, there was hardly anyone in the theater which made viewing a lot more enjoyable. I foresee us doing this more often.

Okay, as for the movie, we both really enjoyed and it is worth seeing in the theaters. The cast was amazing and worked well off each other, there was plenty of humor and scheming though out the entire movie. In comparing them with the other two, this Ocean’s was more like the first. It was strange to hear how many people hated the 2nd Ocean’s movie, but Aaron and I both really liked the 2nd one too. It was nice to see the brilliant blend of characters from both the first two movies. I was glad that Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta Jones weren’t in the movie, since I’m really not huge fans of either of them. Matt Damon’s did an awesome job with his character Linus. He does a great job of showing how this character is trying to prove himself but people keep interfering. George Clooney and Brad Pitt were awesome as always. The only thing I wasn’t happy about was the role François Toulour, aka the Night Fox, had in the movie. I wanted and expected a little more from his character. Overall, I really enjoyed Ocean’s 13 so if you’re looking to see something this summer, go see this movie.

Goonies of the Caribbean

June 6, 2007

Life has been keeping me busy and work has been keeping me even busier. I’ve been dying to see the new Pirates movie but haven’t had the chance. I did however get to see Shrek 3. More on that later. But for the time being, enjoy.

Happy Hurricane Season

June 1, 2007

hurricane-ivan1.jpgApparently while I lost a season by moving down to Texas, winter, it was replaced with a new season Hurricane Season. From what I’ve been told by our company weather fanatic today is the kick-off of that season. So while I no longer have to worry about snow days, temperatures below freezing, salt trucks and slick ice, I now have to prepare a survival kit, have an escape route out of Houston, mind the flooding and high speed winds and dodging debris. it worth it?